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We begin with the end in mind


You want family portraits, but you're tired of just getting digital files that you haven't looked at in years. At Beayond Magical Photography I believe that portraits are art that is meant to be seen and appreciated. I pride myself in providing my clients with stunning artwork of their kids and families as they grow and change over the years: art that hangs on the walls of your home and albums that give your coffee table that perfect, personal finishing touch.

From planning your session all the way through to installation of your finished artwork on your walls, I am there every step of the way to make your family portrait process as seamless as possible.

We start with your finished artwork goal in mind, so that every choice along the way leads to your desired result. At your design consultation, we'll discuss what wall space you want to fill and what style album suits your taste. Want to start building a contemporary gallery wall? I can do that. Want a beautiful wall art collection telling one story, or a single statement piece? Done. Don't have a lot of wall space? Let's do something small and tell a story with the rest of your images in a luxurious family album. I'll go over your unique needs to make sure that your finished artwork reflects your family's style and is chosen for the space in which the art will exist.

Your first step is a call with me so that I may get to know a little about your family and your style, as well as answer any of your questions before the next step in the planning process… the design consultation.


Your pre-session design consultation is the first step of the Beayond Magical Photography Process after you've booked your session. You'll find out about all the fine art options available for wall art and albums. We'll narrow down what appeals to you and tailor your session to those choices. I'll also ask some questions to get to know your family members. Understanding your family dynamics allows me to capture personalities and relationships as they really are at this moment in your lives. 

Child on the Bed
Jumping on the Bed


Now for the fun part! If you can show up with everyone dressed, I will do the rest. Literally. I know first-hand how stressful it can be to have everyone well rested, in a good mood, and looking their best on the day of your family portrait session! No more stiff family portraits with fake smiles. No crazy props competing for attention with your perfect newborn baby. Genuine, REAL imagery that takes you back to this moment in time when you're looking back on these images 40 years from now. The quiet, loud, serious, silly, funny, grumpy, sassy moments; Beayond Magical Photography is here for ALL of it! My hope for you is that this will be a day of celebrating your perfectly imperfect family, and that the experience of the session itself is a memory you will cherish, as you do the portraits themselves.


Approximately one week after your portrait session, we will meet for your View & Order Appointment. Your View & Order Appointment is the time set aside to finalize your portrait order, so be sure and schedule a time when both mom and dad can be there.

Using a state-of-the-art software and photos of the walls in your home, I will show your portraits scaled onto your walls, which solves the problem of what size to order; not too big, not too small, but just right!

I will guide you every step of the way using your goals from the consultation to achieve your vision for your family portraits.

Sitting Child
Cute Girl


Once your order is placed, I oversee every detail of the production of your wall pieces and albums through printing, finishing, and quality control of your artwork. I take care of any additional retouching necessary, then perfectly sizes your wall art for printing and designs your album spreads according to the images you've chosen. I use a master framer to fit framed pieces, which are finished with high end moldings and art glass. All materials used are archival and acid-free, meaning that when properly cared for, they will last for generations. 


Most of my clients prefer to have their portraits delivered and installed in their homes. About 6-8 weeks after your order has been placed, your portraits will be delivered and installed* in your home. Let me handle the heavy lifting and hanging.

* available in Volusia County

Sleeping Newborn
Cute Siblings


The hard work is over. Sit back and take credit for creating those beautiful humans that are your children and enjoy seeing the people you love on the walls of your home. Every. Single. Day.

The Long-Term Plan

You’re thrilled that your portraits are hung on your walls with care, but we both know that those kids will keep growing and changing, so what about next year, and the year after that? Once you’re part of the Beayond Magical Photography Family, I help you create a vision for future sessions based on the ages and stages of your children AND the design vision for your home. My pieces are curated to look good now AND be able to move throughout your home as we add to your family art collection over time. I work with you and your interior designer to make it perfect.

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